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    Author, Lonely Planet Pocket Marrakesh (4th & 3rd edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Turkey (15th, 14th & 13th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Discover Turkey (1st edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Egypt (12th & 11th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Discover Egypt (2nd edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Morocco (12th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Cyprus (6th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Cambodia (10th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Vietnam (13th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Europe (9th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Middle East (8th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Africa (14th & 13th edition)

    Co-author, Lonely Planet Israel and the Palestinian Territories (7th edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea (1st edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Morocco: Marrakech, Essaouira, Fes, Atlas (1st edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Jordan (2nd edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Lebanon (1st edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Beirut (2nd & 1st edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Syria (1st edition)

    Author, Footprint Handbook, Damascus (1st edition)

    Co-author, Footprint Handbook, Morocco (6th edition)



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    Afar - The Afar guide to Egypt

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    BBC - A Bedouin's trail through Petra

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    BBC - Red sea diving: alternatives to Sharm el-Sheikh

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    Lonely Planet - Tracing history across Nicosia's Green Line

    Lonely Planet - A day in the life of Djemaa el-Fna

    Lonely Planet- Cappadocia from the ground and from the sky

    Lonely Planet - How to travel independently around Cyprus

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    Lonely Planet - Island hopping off Cambodia's coast

    Lonely Planet - Battambang: Cambodia's lesser-known city

    National Geographic - Where the locals go

    Oryx Magazine - 24 hours in Cairo

    Perceptive Travel - Notes from a revolution

    Perceptive Travel - Not the one in the bible

    Perceptive Travel - Just a simple strip of cloth

    Peregrine Magazine - Turn off, tune out, drop in

    Peregrine Magazine - Shaman, swami, sadhu, sham

    The Independent - All life and death to be found in a maze of a market in Ethiopia

    The Independent - A capital cacophony in Cairo

    The Independent - The kindness and spontaneity of Syrian strangers

    The Independent - Bewildered on a Bedouin backroad into Petra

    Wanderlust Magazine - For a sultry city stroll, go to Beirut


    Travel Reference Books

    Co-author on a variety of travel reference and inspiration titles including Lonely Planet's Food Lover's Guide to the World (author of Middle East chapter); Ultimate Travelist; The Food Book (author of Egypt & Ethiopia chapters); World's Best Street Food; 1000 Ultimate Adventures; Best in Travel 2011 & 2012; and Rough Guides' Make The Most of Your Time on Earth


    Digital Media

    Jess has authored Ethiopia, Tunisia, Istanbul, Ankara, and Fez guides for the award-winning worldtravelguide.net; Egypt and Turkey guides as a destination expert for the Directline Holiday website; Turkey, Morocco and UAE guides for Planetware.com; and contributes on Middle Eastern and North African destinations for Afar.com. From 2015 to 2017 she was the Larnaca expert for EasyJet Traveller Magazine and between 2016 and 2017 also for Marrakesh.